2022 Taxi Fare Increase Consultation

Taxi Fares

There are two types of vehicles that this Authority licence which can charge to transport passengers within the district. The first is for public hire, otherwise known as a Hackney Carriage vehicles or Taxis. Taxis can be hailed from a street or from an authorised rank within Stratford on Avon Town Centre. The second is for Private Hire vehicles which may only carry passengers that have been pre-booked in advance of a journey.

Charges made by vehicles for public hire (taxis) are fixed by the Local Authority they are licensed with. This fee is the maximum price that a taxi can charge. Private hire vehicles may charge whatever they have agreed with the pre booked passenger beforehand.

In accordance with section 65 of the Local Government (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1976, when a District Council receives a proposal to increase the tariff rate from the taxi trade, the Local Authority has a set process they have to follow for implementing the proposal. In this instance the Licensing Authority for Stratford on Avon were approached by a small number of the taxi trade with a proposal to increase the existing Taxi Tariff for Stratford on Avon licensed Hackney Carriage Vehicles. The request was made due to the length of time since an increase took place, the increase in living and fuel costs.

As part of the process and to gauge the opinion of the whole trade a survey was sent to all Hackney Carriage (Taxi) Drivers. The survey results showed that 98% of drivers were in support of a taxi fare increase. Following this a further survey was conducted to ascertain the level of increase. This was responded to by 35% of the drivers surveyed, with the preferred increase being 30%.

A 30% increase has been calculated which would see the following changes.

  • Initial charge for T1 to £3.00 from £2.30
  • Initial charge for T2 to £4.50 from £3.45
  • Initial charge for T3 to £6.00 from £4.60

A 10-mile journey on T1 would rise from £22.70 to £23.40

A 10-mile journey on T2 would rise from £32.59 to £33.64

A 10-mile journey on T3 would rise from £45.40 to £46.80

All other fees are to remain unchanged.

Notice to set the Level of Fares

Notice is hereby given that Stratford-on-Avon District Council propose to set the level of fares for tariffs 1, 2 and 3 made in connection with the hiring of hackney carriages plying for hire within the said District. Should no objections be received within the next 14 days the table of fares will come into force on the 15th Day. If objections are received the proposal will go before the next Regulatory Panel for determination. Objections to the table of fares must be made in writing to The Licensing Manager by emailing fareincrease22@stratford-dc.gov.uk . This consultation ends on the 16th November 2022. Any comments received after this time will not be considered.

Contact: The Licensing team

Last updated on 02/11/2022