Resettlement and Refugees

Home for Ukraine

You may be aware local government, at both the County and District level, have been instrumental in sourcing accommodation, providing support, identifying schools, securing a variety of healthcare interventions and many other measures. We are working closely with District, Borough and County colleagues to co-ordinate a response to support arrivals from Ukraine.

If you want to offer a home to people fleeing Ukraine, you can become a sponsor as part of the Homes for Ukraine scheme. Further guidance is available under Homes for Ukraine Sponsor Guides. Warwickshire County Council has information for Ukrainians, their hosts (sponsors) and residents, and a Homes for Ukraine Newsletter, with the latest information about the scheme on Warwickshire.


Property visits

An officer from the district council will visit sponsor accommodation to carry out a basic check of the suitability for the arriving refugees. Accommodation should be safe, warm and provide adequate access to bathroom and kitchen facilities; no rent should be charged, and it should be offered for at least six months.

Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) checks

Warwickshire County Council will contact sponsors directly to arrange a DBS check. Please visit information for sponsors for further information. The property inspection or the DBS check will not necessarily delay the progress of visa applications as the visa is not dependent on the property inspection. Once the visa is granted, the refugees are free to travel to join their sponsor.


Warwickshire County Council arrange all payments for guests and sponsors. Please visit information for sponsors for further information.

Housing support and advice

Sponsors and Guests can access housing support and advice from p.h.i.l Homes For Ukraine Housing Options Service, a collaborative service provided by Warwickshire County Council, District and Borough Councils. Please email

Resources for matching sponsors with families

  • Reset Communities and Refugees - A national charity commissioned by the UK Government to help register and match refugees from Ukraine with sponsors from across the UK (matching and re-matching)
  • Hand in Hand - A Coventry-based community organisation that matches UK sponsors and Ukrainian guests (matching and re-matching)
  • OPORA - A national charitable organisation that provides both emergency and practical support to Ukrainians and their families who are looking to rebuild their lives in safety, having fled the war. In the UK they operate an online platform for Ukrainian guests and UK sponsors looking to match for the Homes to Ukraine Scheme.

Information for residents

There are a number of ways for residents to support those affected by the conflict in Ukraine, details of some organisations supplying humanitarian aid are listed in Warwickshire County Council website Information for Residents .

Government Support and advice

Ukraine and the UK, for the latest information visit the website.

Please contact or the helpline on 0800 408 1447 for any further information.

Contact: The Social Inclusion team

Last updated on 29/02/2024