Homelessness Prevention

Homelessness is a costly experience that can be damaging to individuals and their families. It can also be financially expensive for authorities and agencies. Therefore, it is in everyone's best interest to do all that they can to prevent homelessness.

There are different measures that can be taken that will depend on the particular circumstances involved. Actions to prevent homelessness could be taken by you, this council or the individual or organisation involved in your threat of homelessness. The key is for you to seek advice at the earliest opportunity if you have concerns that you may have to leave your current home.

The most common forms of homelessness within the district are:

  • parental evictions
  • relationship breakdowns due to domestic violence
  • the ending of assured short hold tenancies

The council may assist in a variety of ways depending on your circumstances. The kind of help ranges from providing advice, acting as mediators/negotiators, financial assistance, referrals to accommodation and support providers, signposting to relevant services, support with identifying and securing private rented accommodation, or maximising your priority on Home Choice Plus (according to your circumstances).

Our Homelessness Prevention Guide provides information and advice on specific reasons for homelessness and how you can take control of the situation.

For further information, please contact the Housing Advice team:

Contact: The Homeless team

Last updated on 25/11/2022