Brailes Neighbourhood Planning Referendum - 21 November 2019

The Brailes Notice of Referendum has been published

The Brailes Notice of Poll has been published

Parliamentary General Election - 12 December 2019

The Parliamentary Notice of Election has been published on Friday 8 November 2019

The Statement of Persons Nominated etc has been published on Thursday 14 November 2019

The Statement of Persons Nominated for Kenilworth and Southam has been published

The List of Polling Stations for Kenilworth and Southam is available

The Notice of Election Agents has been published on Thursday 14 November 2019

Information for Potential Candidates

Potential candidates for the Stratford-on-Avon constituency will be able to submit nomination papers from 9 November. A nomination pack will be available from the Elections Office at Stratford on Avon District Council from Friday 8 November. This will include all the necessary information that candidates need to be aware of, plus all the forms that need to be submitted as part of the nominations process.

To be a candidate for the election, on the day you are nominated you need to be: ·

  • at least 18 years old, and
  • either a British citizen, a citizen of the Republic of Ireland or an eligible Commonwealth citizen

You must also not be disqualified from standing (there is a long list of disqualifications, which are detailed in the nomination pack). Nomination forms must have a proposer, seconder and eight other electors who live in the constituency and are on the electors' list. Candidates are also required to pay a deposit of £500, which must accompany the completed nomination form. This will be returned after the election providing the candidate polls at least 5% of the votes cast.

Anyone wishing to stand as a candidate representing a political party must obtain the permission of the party, which itself must be registered on the Electoral Commission's register of political parties.

The following dates are crucial for the nominations process: Nomination papers can be submitted from the day after the publication of the Notice of Election on 8 November. The deadline for submission is 4.00pm on 14 November. Candidates are strongly advised not to wait until close to the deadline to submit their nomination papers, as if there are any errors, they can only be corrected before the deadline expires.

A briefing session for potential candidates will be held on Friday 8 November at 5.00pm in the Council Chamber at the Council Offices. Anyone interested in attending should contact the Elections Office on 01789 260210.

Key Dates for the election:-

8 November - Notice of Election

14 November (4pm) - deadline for Nominations

26 November (5pm) - deadline for new postal vote applications

26 November (midnight) - deadline for registering to vote

4 December (5pm) - deadline for new proxy vote applications

Further Information

For further information, please contact Election Services:

Last updated on 19/11/2019

Contact the Democratic Services team