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Results from Census 2021

The results from the latest Census which took place in March 2021 are starting to come in from the Office for National Statistics and are revealing just how the District has changed over the last ten years. There are some interesting results, including how the District's overall population has grown 11.8% up to 134,700. Use the links below to find out more about the changes to the District's population over the past decade.

Information about our District

For the key results about our District in the 2021 Census by reading this summary briefing note.

For a quick glance at some of the changes, take a look at this Infographic showing overall population change, age group, country of birth and household composition.

See the full set of results in this full report containing the District's results for all Census 2021 questions.

Differences between wards across the District

See the key differences between wards across our District by reading this report on the differences between wards on key stats from the 2021 Census.

Age of our population

Our District has got older over the past 10 years. The median age in 2011 was 46; in 2021 it was 48, making it the joint 35th oldest district in England and Wales. For comparison, the median age in England and Wales is 40.

A quarter of our population was aged 65 years or more. Just over 3% were aged 85 years or older.

We also had fewer children in our District than average, with only 15% population aged under 16 years.

You can see the how the population breaks down by age band in this population pyramid chart.


There were a total of 59,461 properties in the District according to the 2021 Census. Over a third of these were detached houses.

Almost four in ten properties were owned outright, while a further third were owned via a mortgage/loan/shared ownership.

Over a third of properties had 3 bedrooms, and just under a third had 4 or more.

Over 500 homes in the District did not have any central heating.

Over a third of properties had 2 or more cars/vans in the household.

See this summary of housing data for further information.

How our District has changed since Census 2011

For a summary of the key changes to the population of our District over the past ten years, see this summary report on the major changes to our population since Census 2011.

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Last updated on 18/09/2023