Advice on Houses in Multiple Occupation

Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMOs) are properties occupied by three or more people, in two or more households, who share facilities. This includes bedsits, shared houses and some self-contained flats.

HMOs come in two categories:

Unlicensed HMOs

These have:

  • three or more people in two or more households
  • normally shared facilities

Licensed HMOs

These have:

  • five or more people, in two or more households
  • shared facilities such as kitchen or bathroom

All licensed HMOs will appear in the Public Register of HMOs.

Further information on HMOs can be found in our fact sheet.

Houses fully converted into self-contained flats will generally not be regarded as an HMO provided that they were converted in accordance with the appropriate Building Regulations 1991 standards.

HMOs should have minimum standards as set out in ourHMO guide.

For further information, please contact the Private Sector Housing team:

Contact: The Private Sector Housing team

Last updated on 11/04/2024