Litter bins are provided for pedestrian litter only and should not be used for disposing of household or commercial waste. All of our litter bins can be used to dispose of bagged dog waste.

What we do

Stratford-on-Avon District Council, in partnership with its contractor Biffa Waste Services Limited, provides, empties and maintains over 1,300 litter bins/dog waste bins across the District. Litter bins are normally placed in areas of high footfall or where a litter issue(s) has been identified. All of our litter bins/dog waste bins are emptied regularly; some are emptied daily, while the majority are emptied once a week.

We regularly review litter bin/dog waste bin provision to ensure that bins are located in high footfall locations or where there is a specific requirement (i.e. dog walking routes).

We have a limited budget for the repair, maintenance and replacement of litter bins/dog waste bins, but we aim to ensure that all of the bins are in a good condition and replaced when necessary.

Any requests for additional litter bins/dog waste bins should be directed to the relevant town or parish council, who can fund the purchase, installation and annual emptying costs if they and the council agree that there is a need for an additional bin(s) in accordance with the council's Litter Bin Protocol.

What we don't do

The council is not responsible for emptying litter bins provided on private land or by private businesses. For example, if a retailer provides a litter bin outside their business, it is their responsibility to empty and maintain that bin.

On-street recycling bins

A number of on-street recycling bins have been installed in the district's main settlements. These bins are blue and have a recycling logo printed on them. The following materials can be put into these bins:

  • paper
  • cardboard
  • glass (bottles and jars)
  • tins and cans
  • rigid plastic packaging
  • aluminium foil
  • cartons


For further information, please contact the Streetscene team:

Contact: The Streetscene team

Last updated on 19/09/2023