2022 Residents' Survey

The Residents' Survey is used to measure what people think of the area in which they live, what they think about Stratford-on-Avon District Council (SDC) services, and the way the council works.

The topic areas of the survey were: the local area in general, local decision making, service satisfaction, usage of services, information/council in general, volunteering, community safety, contacting the council, the internet/broadband and climate change.

It is able to track changes in perception over time and to identify any gaps between current service levels and customer expectations. It is a survey undertaken every two years.

The survey findings will also be used by SDC to help with its priorities for the future and in improving its services.

The Residents' Survey used postal self-completion questionnaires. The electoral roll was utilised and the questionnaire went to the householder to give a random sample. This way, around one in ten households in the district received the questionnaire. The methodology included one reminder mailing implemented within the prescribed timescale between February and April 2022. 6,000 questionnaires were despatched with 1,875 questionnaires returned in the timescale allowed, a 31.3% response rate (taking out 9 “return to senders etc.").

The main findings of the Residents' Survey, as well as trend analysis of the results over the last five surveys can be seen here in the SDC Residents Survey: Final Detailed Report.

This infographic shows the main headline results from our 2022 Residents' Survey.

2019 Residents Survey

This infographic shows the main headline results from our Residents' Survey 2019.

Read the Final Report on SDC's Residents' Survey 2019 here.

See which aspects residents consider important in making somewhere a good place to live, and which aspects they consider need improving in this infographic.

The results of the Residents' Survey were analysed to see if residents in different geographical localities responded in different ways. The six locality results can be accessed below:

Results for Alcester/Bidford

Results for Henley/Studley

Results for Shipston

Results for Southam

Results for Stratford-upon-Avon

Results for Wellesbourne

Other interesting results:

What climate change actions have residents taken or would like to take? Results from Residents' Sur

How safe do residents feel during day and night? Results from Residents' Survey 2019Have you experienced anti-social behaviour? Results from Residents' Survey 2019

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Last updated on 23/08/2022