Business Survey 2023

Stratford-on-Avon District Council is committed to working with businesses through its Community Engagement Strategy. One of the priorities in the Strategy is to engage with businesses so that we can better understand the state of business in the district and the needs of the business community. A business survey was designed for the sector to help to influence and inform the development and delivery of emerging strategies, including a new Council Plan, the South Warwickshire Local Plan, and the actions for the Economic Development Strategy. The survey also looks at how we administer the business rates system and includes some questions for the Coventry and Warwickshire Growth Hub.

The Business Survey has been a constant since 2002 and in this case the report covers comparisons going back ten years to 2013. A mailing of questionnaires went out to 3,556 businesses on the Business Rates address database towards the end of October 2023, with a reminder sent at the end of November 2023 to those who had not responded. The survey was also promoted, via various channels, to obtain feedback from those businesses not on the Business Rates register. 722 were completed, including 110 who took up the opportunity to complete the questionnaire online. 210 questionnaires were returned to SDC by the Royal Mail not delivered, i.e., not known at this address, gone away, no longer a business, not accessible etc. A true response rate is not possible, as the survey was made available to all and not just those on the business rates register sample.

Read the results of the survey in the Business Survey 2023 Results Report.

Contact: The Performance, Consultation & Insight team

Last updated on 30/01/2024