HMRC Services

Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs (HMRC) is charged with the collection of taxes from individuals and businesses within the United Kingdom. All HMRC services are now provided online or by phone; for those unable to use services this way, a visiting service is available by request.

HMRC Webinars

HMRC has developed a range of webinars (online presentations) to support businesses, making tax easier, quicker and simpler. These webinars last about an hour; they are live and interactive so questions can be asked.

Tax Help Fact Sheets

HMRC Tax Help factsheets offer valuable information on many tax matters. They are easy to download, save and print if needed.

Online Training

To support and help businesses understand what they have to record and provide for tax purposes HMRC provides online training. This is especially useful for new and startup businesses, although it works well as a refresher for those who have been running businesses for a while.

Business Payment Support service

If you are having difficulty paying your tax, HMRC has a Business Payment Support Service that may be able to help you. HMRC is able to make arrangements to pay tax due in instalments (where appropriate) and discuss your difficulties

Contact HMRC

If you are a business or employer and need to contact HMRC, try the contact details at the link below:

View HMRC Business Contact Details.

Contact: The Business, Enterprise & Tourism team

Last updated on 27/07/2018