What Happens to My Recycling

Recyclable Material - a Resource, Not a Waste

Recyclable material is no longer seen as waste, but as a resource that has a value and a global market. There is a demand for materials from manufacturers who reprocess them to create new products.

Due to the increased quantity of recycling material available, quality is becoming a more important factor.

What Happens to My Recycling?

Recyclable material is collected and taken to a Materials Recycling Facility (MRF). The mixed material is segregated using magnets, optical sorting and other technology until the different materials are in separate waste streams.

Materials are then transported to specialist reprocessing facilities where they are made into new products. Examples of what your recycling could become are listed below:

Material New Product
paper newspapers and telephone directories
cardboard boxes and packaging
glass new bottles and jars, road surfacing material
tins and cans window frames, steel beams, engine parts
plastic packaging traffic cones, fleece clothing, carpets, pipes, recycling boxes

Kerbside recycling collections

An overview of kerbside recycling collections


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Last updated on 13/01/2023