Shopmobility Safety Considerations

This list is not comprehensive, nor is it meant to be prescriptive, but to be used as guidance so that everybody can benefit from the Shopmobility service.

  • Never use the equipment on the road except at crossings. Always use designated crossing points when available e.g. zebra or traffic light-controlled.
  • Make sure brakes on wheelchairs are applied before leaving the chair unattended. When getting off scooters and while reaching for items in shops, always turn the key off first. Shopping bags must not be hung onto the steering handles; instead, please use the carrier on the back of the scooter.
  • Reduce your speed when cornering.
  • Reduce your speed when in busy or confined areas.
  • Be courteous and show consideration for other users of the town. Remember that, by law, people on foot have the right of way and often stop suddenly, so reduce your speed and keep your distance.
  • When leaving equipment unattended, always take the key with you and leave it where it won't inconvenience others.
  • Always use dropped kerbs; the vehicles are not designed to use on full-height kerbs.
  • Never let anyone else use the equipment you have been issued with.
  • Never let anyone ride on the equipment with you (even a small child), as this can upset the balance and is dangerous.
  • Do not use mobile phones or similar devices when using the equipment.
  • Always follow any special instructions given by the assistant at the time of registration.
  • Finally, if you have an accident of any sort, please let Shopmobility staff know as soon as possible. You will be responsible for any damage done to our equipment, and may have to pay for any repairs.

Contact: The Parking team

Last updated on 03/08/2018