ECO4 Flex was created to provide local authorities with more funding to identify residents who would benefit from home upgrades, even if they don't meet the standard eligibility criteria for ECO4.

With ECO4 Flex, households don't have to be on benefits to qualify for funding.

To qualify for ECO4 Flex:

  • Your Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rating must be between E-G if you rent or D-G if you own your home
  • You must also have a combined household income of less than £31,000

Or, if you meet the EPC criteria, you can qualify for ECO4 Flex if you meet the following:

  • Your home is within a specific postcode identified by your local council*
  • You receive a council tax rebate (single-person occupancy excluded)
  • You are identified as vulnerable to living in a cold home: someone in the home is pregnant, disabled or elderly, you have children under five, or someone in the home has a medical condition
  • Your child receives free school meals
  • Your home is identified as being in debt to your energy provider

Another way to qualify is if you are identified by your GP as vulnerable to the cold and on a low income.

If you would like to apply for the scheme or find out more about eligibility criteria, please visit the Act on Energy website.

Or you can contact Act on Energy directly:

Phone: 0800 988 2881


* The government has deemed that certain postcodes meet the income eligibility criteria. This means that homes with an EPC rating of D-G in these postcode areas are eligible.

For Stratford on Avon District, the list of eligible postcodes is:

CV37 9BF, CV37 9BU, CV37 9BY, CV37 9DA, CV37 9DB, CV37 9DL, CV37 9DN, CV37 9DP, CV37 9DW, CV37 9HW, CV37 9JA, CV37 9LQ, CV37 9NA, CV37 9NB, CV37 9ND, CV37 9NE, CV37 9NF, CV37 9NG, CV37 9NJ, CV37 9NL, CV37 9NN, CV37 9NP, CV37 9NQ, CV37 9NS, CV37 9NT, CV37 9NU, CV37 9NX, CV37 9NY, CV37 9NZ, CV37 9PA, CV37 9PB, CV37 9PD, CV37 9PE, CV37 9PF, CV37 9PH, CV37 9PJ, CV37 9PL, CV37 9PN, CV37 9PP, CV37 9PQ, CV37 9PR, CV37 9PW, CV37 9PY, CV37 9YL, CV37 9YR, CV37 9YW

Contact: The Home Energy team

Last updated on 17/01/2024