Brand Guidelines

Guidelines for using the Stratford-on-Avon District Council logo

These guidelines aim to give creative freedom, setting some basic guides to ensure Stratford-on-Avon District Council (SDC) build a consistent style for the branding of the communications.

This will be achieved through the look and feel that positions the Council as an authoritative organisation that informs on the day to day needs of the community it serves. It is important these guidelines are observed in order to achieve the basis for the consistent use of style (logo use, colour and type), which in turn will build perception and awareness from the communications they support.

Size and Position

The position of the logo should always be considered - it should appear in the same position whenever possible with equal space from the edges, and in a proportional size to the
publication. The logo can be resized but must not be cropped or distorted out of shape.

The solid colour version should be used unless on an unsuitable background, when a white background or bordered version should be used.

Corporate Colours

(CMYK = 100C - 2M - 49Y- 14K)
(RGB = 0R - 137G - 133B)

Any printed items should match Pantone 327 as closely as possible.

The colours are in use at the present and should continue to be used as the key colours with main headlines picked out in 327, secondary headlines and body copy in black, with any other key points which need highlighting in 327.

Type Faces


These type faces offer a selection of weights and styles.

The font should be used consistantly for titles, text, issue numbering, page numbering.

The smallest size text should be legible at all times.

Publication dates should be clearly visible for public use.

Should the Helvetica Neue or Swiss 721 font families be unavailabe to you, Verdana would be a suitable alternative.
Bold Condensed
Heavy Condensed
Black Condensed

There are also italic and extended options available


Please view or download our SDC logo guidelines sheet which gives visual interpretations of how our logo should be used.

You can download a zip archive which contains our logo in a number of different formats

For clarification or advice please contact Beverley Hemming, Corporate Communications Manager at or Ian Greenall, Print & Design Manager at

Contact: The Communications team

Last updated on 07/11/2023