How do we protect your personal data?

We will not ask for personal data we do not need. We keep the information that you give us secure so that it cannot be seen by, or given to, anyone who should not see it.

We use encryption, restrict access to files, make your data anonymous where we can and we test our computer systems often. We have a Data Protection Policy and an ICT Code of Practice. These say what we must do to protect your privacy and cover a range of ways we protect your data.

We train all new staff on how to handle personal data and keep training staff on this so they keep their knowledge up to date.

We will not keep your information longer than is needed and, when we destroy our copies of your personal data, we will do so in a secure way.

Where the council is considering using new technology or use your personal data in a new way that could affect your privacy, we will complete a Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA), which may be considered and approved by the Information Commissioner's Office.

Contact: The Data Protection team

Last updated on 26/05/2020