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This page gives information on the role of a Councillor and how to become one.

So, what is a Councillor?

A Councillor is someone who is elected by local people to represent the residents of an area. This can be at parish or district level. When elected, the term of office is four years unless there is a by-election mid-term, when a Councillor will serve for the remaining period of the term of office.

The Council has developed role profiles for a District Councillor and a Parish or Town Councillor, which give an indication of what the roles entail.

All District Councillors currently receive a basic allowance of £5,254 per annum (which is taxable income) with additional payments if they have additional responsibilities such as the Chair of a committee. Parish/Town Councillors do not receive a basic allowance.

Why do people become Councillors?

People become Councillors for a variety of reasons. Some want to "give something back" and, in their view, undertake public service. Others want to further their interest in politics. Many just want to represent local people and try to influence decisions affecting their area.

We have produced a document entitled Be a District Councillor, which gives more detail about becoming one.

The Warwickshire Association of Local Councils (WALC) has also produced a leaflet, which gives details about being a Parish or Town Councillor.

WALC also has further information on its website.

District and Parish Elections - 2 May 2019

The elections on Thursday 2 May 2019 involve Stratford-on-Avon District Council, which has 36 Councillors, and all Parish and Town Councils in the area. There are currently 83 Town and Parish Councils. The number of Parish Councillors for each parish varies from five to 18 depending on their population size.

The elections office of Stratford-on-Avon District Council manages all local and national elections in the Stratford area. A Notice of Election will be published at the Council Offices (and in each parish) and on the Council's website telling you where and when to apply to be a candidate. For May elections the notice will usually be put up in the middle of March.

To become a candidate you must:

  • ask the elections office for a nomination pack after the Notice of Election has been published - this will contain all the forms and the information you need for the election
  • find 10 electors in your ward to sign your nomination form if you wish to be a candidate for Stratford-on-Avon District Council (one has to propose you and another has to second you); or
  • find two electors in your parish to sign your nomination form for a Parish or Town Council.

Political parties

You don't need to be a member of a political party to be a Councillor. Anyone can stand as an independent candidate. In Parish and Town councils it is rare for candidates to stand as party candidates. For District Councils, most Councillors stand as party candidates (but you do not have to). To stand as a party candidate you must have a certificate from the political party nominating officer confirming that you are their candidate.

Contact details for local political parties are:

Conservative - Alex Hall

Green Party - Pat Hotson

Labour Party - Bob Malloy

Liberal Democrat Party - Richard Vos

UKIP - Frank Rietz

Helping local democracy

By standing for election and letting electors know who you are and what you stand for, you are helping local democracy by giving voters a choice. If you get elected, you will know that you have the support of people who voted for you. However, it should be noted that, if elected, you represent all people in your area, even though some may not have voted for you.

What to do next?

If you are thinking of standing as a political party representative, you must contact the local branch of that party as soon as possible as they may be in the process of selecting candidates. If you are standing as an independent, you do not have to do anything until nearer the time when the Notice of Election is published.

Prospective Councillors' Events

District Council

A Prospective Councillor Event for District Councillors took place on Thursday 15 November 2018 in the Council Chamber at the Stratford-on-Avon District Council Offices. If you were not able to attend and want a copy of the information pack distributed at the event. please email David Dalby, Democratic Services Manager, at or call him on 01789 260210.

Parish Councils

Prospective Councillor Events are being organised for those who are considering being Parish Councillors. These events are free and open to any member of the public considering standing for election as a Parish Councillor. t will be explained how to become a Councillor; what is expected of you and why it can be very rewarding.

The briefings have been timed to allow consideration before the election process commences in March 2019.

North Stratford District Event

Thursday 7 February 2019 6.30pm-8.30pm The Grange Hall, Coventry Road, Southam CV47 1QA

Stratford-upon-Avon Event

Monday 11 February 2019 6.30pm-8.30pm The Council Chamber, Stratford District Council, Elizabeth House, Church Street, Stratford-upon-Avon CV37 6HX

The format for the events will be:-

  • 6.00pm - 6.30pm - Refreshments and welcome
  • 6.30pm - 8.30pm How to become a Councillor; What will be expected of you; Why being a Parish Councillor can be particularly rewarding.

Speakers at the events will include the County Officer of the Warwickshire Association of Local Councils (WALC); experienced local clerks; local Parish Councillors; the Chair of WALC etc

Further information is available at

Anyone who is interested in attending should register for the event through the WALC website.

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Be a Councillor

Contact: the Democratic Services team

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