Crime prevention

Reporting crime

Stratford-on-Avon District Council works closely with Warwickshire Police to tackle crime and to make South Warwickshire a safer place to live and visit.

If you are a victim of a crime please report it as soon as possible in the following ways -

  • In an emergency dial 999: if you think there is an immediate threat to life or property
  • If it is not an emergency call 101: if it doesn't require an immediate police response, or the crime has already taken place or online at and then report to fill out relevant online form.
  • To report a crime anonymously, call Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111
  • If you are deaf or hard of hearing, a text phone is available on 18000

Report Hate Crime

Stratford-on-Avon District Council takes hate crime seriously.

If you are a resident and have either experienced or witnessed a hate crime, then it is important that you report all incidents; You can report incidents to the Warwickshire Hate Crime Partnership via the Report hate now website or alternatively call Warwickshire Police directly on 101 (or in an emergency dial 999).

For more information, please click on this link - Safe in Warwickshire - Hate crime

Warwickshire Domestic Abuse

Please do not suffer in silence. If you need to leave your property to seek help please do so and go to your nearest Police Station or try to get a message to friends/family/neighbours that you need help.

If you hear/see incidents of this nature please report them immediately to Warwickshire Police on 999 if there is a risk of harm to individuals involved, it could save a life.

If you are unable to speak on the phone, there are systems in place to connect you to the right service:

From a mobile phone -

  • Press 55 and the operator will transfer the call to the relevant police force as an emergency.
  • The police call handler will then ask you a series of simple yes/no questions.
  • If you're still not able to speak, listen to the instructions you are given so the handler can assess your call and send help.
  • Please note that calling from a mobile does not allow the police to track your location.

Using a landline phone -

  • Calling 999 from a landline means the police may be able to retrieve information on your location to send help.
  • If you are calling from a landline, pressing ‘55' will not work.
  • If you can't speak you should stay on the line and the operator will connect you to a police call handler.
  • If you need to put the phone down, the line will stay open for 45 seconds.
  • If you pick it up again during this time and the operator is concerned for your safety, they will put you through to a police call handler.

Please click link to learn more about domestic and child abuse and services available in the local area.

Contact: The Community Safety team

Last updated on 08/04/2024