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Please note that our ‘back office' IT planning system will be unavailable from Wed 15th to Wed 22nd May 2024, whilst it is being upgraded. Unfortunately, we will not be able to register, validate or view any applications in this system during this time. We will use our best endeavours to catch up on submissions, once the system is available again.

E-Planning should remain unaffected.

Download 1APP Forms

You have an option to complete and submit paper copies of a 1APP application form. The forms can be downloaded via the Planning Portal website . These forms are also useful if you want to get familiar with them before submitting your application via the Planning Portal. For details of information which may be required, in addition to national requirements, please consult the Planning Authority's Local List.

A fee calculator can be accessed on the Planning Portal website. Alternatively, you can view fees in a table.

Some consent types are not currently available on the online application system, fee calculator or paper form chooser. These forms can be viewed and downloaded on the Planning Portal website.

Please note that documents received in the process of a planning application will be a matter for public record and will be made available for public inspection on our website. Find our more about how we use your information and personal data.

Certificates of Ownership

These certificates are included for completion as part of every application form. If you are not the sole owner of the land or if any part of the development goes outside land in your ownership (even if only foundations), you will need to complete Certificate B and serve notice on each of the owner(s) using Notice 1 (for all types of applications except householder applications) or Householder Notice if a householder application. If you do not know the names of all of the owners you will need to complete Certificate C and serve notice using the Householder Notice .

If you do not know the names of any of the owners you will need to complete Certificate D.

Climate Change Checklists

Change to Tree Preservation Order legislation

Since 6 April 2012, Tree Preservation Order Regulations include a requirement for a tree owner, or their agent, to give five working days' written prior notification of their intention to carry out exempt work. In addition, the regulations omit the word 'dying' from the exemptions for consent; instead trees must be dead or imminently dangerous to be exempt from consent and written prior notification submitted, as described above.

Contact: The Planning Admin team

Last updated on 07/05/2024