Residents urged to take regular COVID-19 tests

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Published on 26 April 2021

Throughout the pandemic it has become evident that testing is a key tool in our armoury to reduce the spread of COVID-19 along with hands, face, space, fresh air and vaccines. 


Regular testing for people who have no symptoms (a high temperature,?a new, continuous cough, a loss or change to sense of smell or taste) is as important as testing and isolating for those who do.   


As many as one in three people who have COVID-19 do not have symptoms and could pass on the virus without knowing. As restrictions ease and the country moves out of lockdown testing offers a way to; identify potential outbreaks, stop  transmission and ultimately keep people safe.  


On Tuesday 27 April, Warwickshire County Council together with partners will be raising awareness of the many ways that residents can access free, easy and quick COVID tests with a Twitter takeover, #GetTestedWarwickshire. All Tweets from the council on the day will focus on testing - how to get tested, what to do, where to do it and why it's important will all be covered through messages, videos and experiences of testing around the county.  


It is recommended that people take tests at home or at a local test centre twice a week. There are currently six test centres in Warwickshire and roving mobile test units to test those who have no symptoms which helps reduce the spread of the virus. Additionally people can order tests online or collect kits locally to test themselves at home, with regular testing also being carried out at some Warwickshire workplaces.   


This identifies people early who may have the virus, but not be showing symptoms so they can isolate themselves to reduce the chance of infecting others and allowing them to seek treatment earlier if needed.  


Talking about the importance of testing, Warwickshire County Council's Director of Public Health Dr Shade Agboola said:  "Testing has been key to reducing the spread of the virus in Warwickshire and over the next few weeks, as we move on to the next steps out of lockdown, it will continue to play an important part.   


"However, testing alone will not reduce cases of COVID-19 in our community. Everyone in Warwickshire has a role to play. From wearing a face covering to washing your hands to maintaining physical distance and avoiding large indoor gatherings, each of us can follow proven public health advice that not only reduces our own chance of getting infected by COVID-19, but also prevents the spread of COVID-19 to our co-workers, friends and loved ones.   


"So please take some time to find out more about testing and if you are on Twitter support #GetTestedWarwickshire on 27 April."  

For more information about getting a COVID-19 test in the community, ordering a kit online or collecting home testing kits, go to

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