Stratford-on-Avon District Council declares a climate emergency

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Published on 16 July 2019
Archived on 16 August 2019

Stratford-on-Avon District Council's Full Council, on Monday 15 July, has declared a 'Climate Emergency'.

Councillors have pledged to take local action to contribute to national carbon neutral targets through the development of practices and policies, with an aim to being carbon neutral in Stratford-on-Avon district by 2030.

The District Council recognises the importance of this report with the motion proposed by Cllr Juned (Lib Dem, Alcester Town) and seconded by Cllr Fitter (Con, Quinton) and notes:

The recent reports from the IPCC 'Special Report on Global Warming' (2018); the CCC report 'Net Zero - the UK's contribution to stopping global warming' (May 2019).

  • That human activities are changing our planet and the need for everyone to take action on climate change is more urgent and immediate than ever.
  • That not meeting the UK's targets will have a negative impact on our residents whilst measures to combat climate change can have significant benefits.
  • That local government has a role to play in responding to climate change, both through their own practices and policies, and through leadership and facilitation.
  • That 130 councils across the UK have declared a climate emergency (as has the UK parliament) and committed to radical action to combat climate change.
  • That Stratford-upon-Avon's position as an international tourist destination puts us in a position to exercise a leading influence around the world.

Part 2 of the Notice of Motion has been referred to The Cabinet for consideration.

Cllr Susan Juned, Lib Dem Leader at Stratford-on-Avon District Council, who proposed the Notice of Motion said: "Today we achieved real progress on agreeing to take action to tackle climate change. We now have to deliver. By taking action now we can make sure that this district remains a great place to live for future generations. We must work with residents, local businesses and organisations but must also lead through our own practice.

"I am so pleased that this Notice of Motion has received cross-party support. Local Government has a history of leadership.  It can set standards for itself, but it can also pull together community networks, support local businesses and coordinate actions."

Cllr Tony Jefferson, Leader of Stratford-on-Avon District Council says: "The impacts of climate change are going to hit much sooner than most people realise and the impact will be much greater. It would be prudent to plan for a 4 degrees temperature rise and a 2 metre increase in sea levels by 2100.

"Much of this change is already 'locked in'. Whilst there is much focus on mitigation, significantly enhanced levels of adaptation will be needed to offset the impacts of climate change locally. Work on these measures needs to start very soon.

"We can expect more floods and more droughts and pressure on water supply, we need to ensure that we are taking action now to manage these risks.

"Taking action will require some tough decisions and will have a significant impact on all of us; I hope people understand that this will be the price we all need to pay."

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