New kerbside coffee pod recycling service comes to Stratford-on-Avon District

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Published on 20 November 2023
Archived on 20 December 2023

Stratford-on-Avon and Warwick District Councils are launching a new service to help residents to recycle used coffee pods in partnership with Podback, a not-for-profit recycling organisation.

The new coffee pod recycling service supports the District Council's aims to reduce waste, increase recycling, save resources, and give materials a second life.

Residents will be able to recycle their plastic or aluminium coffee pods at home by signing up for free on the Podback website. They will be sent two rolls of Podback recycling bags (26 bags or six months' supply) along with instructions on how to use the service. Filled bags of used coffee pods can then be put out alongside or on top (not inside) of the waste, recycling, or garden waste container(s), on the scheduled collection day. Residents living in flats can participate by using the Podback Drop Off service.

Cllr Lorraine Grocott, portfolio holder for Environmental and Neighbourhood services said "We are really excited about adding coffee pods to our kerbside recycling collection service, and adding to the list of items that Stratford and Warwick residents can recycle from home. This new service is fully funded by Podback, so coffee pod machine users can enjoy their cappuccinos, lattes and hot chocolates and be reassured that their used pods will be recycled here in the UK."

Podback Executive Director Rick Hindley says: "We know that the most convenient way for people to recycle their coffee pods is as part of their Council's regular service, so we are excited to be working in partnership with Stratford-on-Avon and Warwick District Councils to make that happen. Recycling with Podback means tonnes of used coffee pods will be removed from the waste stream every year, and the aluminium, plastic and coffee will all be given a new life."

Once collected, the coffee pods will be sent to specialist recycling plants. The plastic and aluminium will be transformed into new products, including beverage cans, automotive components, building products and re-usable plastic crates, while the coffee grounds will be treated by anaerobic digestion to create renewable energy and soil improver.

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