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Published on 3 March 2022
Archived on 3 April 2022

Here is a letter, published in the Stratford Herald today, Thursday 3 March, on the proposed new byelaw for Bancroft Gardens, the Recreation Ground and the Tramway Walk from the Climate Change Portfolio, Cllr Ian Shenton.

Dear Editor

Proposed new byelaw for Bancroft Gardens, the Recreation Ground and the Tramway Walk

As readers may be aware, the District Council is currently proposing to replace the existing byelaws for Bancroft Gardens, the Recreation Ground and the Tramway Walk with a single and up to date byelaw, so that these areas can be managed as one overall pleasure ground. 

It has become apparent that there appears to be a general misunderstanding of what is being proposed with regard to two of the proposed byelaw provisions namely those relating to parking of motorcycles on Bancroft Gardens and cycling on the Recreation Ground.

To confirm the process so far, the District Council's Regulatory Committee originally approved a byelaw proposal on 12 July 2019, which was subject to comments received from a future public consultation exercise.  A further report was submitted to the Regulatory Committee on 28 January 2022, which took account of comments received as part of that consultation, and as such, included two new provisions, which both related to the children's play areas, and twelve amendments to other provisions with regard to the new byelaw proposal.   

The Committee duly approved the proposal and its referral to the Secretary of State for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities, seeking permission for the District Council to make the byelaw. The report and appendices are available on the District Council's website and I would recommend that all interest parties view the documents, specifically Appendix 3 -

With regard to motorcycles and cycling, the current byelaw for Bancroft Gardens is still in existence and therefore any parking of motorcycles on the promenade section of the gardens, is officially prohibited.  The effects that the proposed new byelaw will have on this particular issue, should it legally come into being, is that the District Council will be permitted to set aside a designated area on Bancroft Gardens for the parking of motorcycles, if it considers it safe and practical to do so. 

As for cycling, the District Council is only proposing to prohibit this on the Recreation Ground, where a formal route does not exist. Currently a formal Sustrans cycling route (route 41), runs through the grounds from the Town Centre to the Shipston Road, thereby enabling cyclists to access and enjoy the amenities of the Recreation Ground, and places beyond it.  The proposed new byelaw also provides flexibility for the District Council to make other routes on the Recreation Ground available to the public. 

The District Council is now waiting to hear from the Secretary of State as to whether it can proceed with the byelaw process, which will include a further opportunity for the public to provide comments on the proposed byelaw. 

I do hope that this has clarified the process and any concerns which have been expressed with regard to these proposals.

Yours sincerely

Councillor Ian Shenton
Climate Change Portfolio Holder

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