May 2005 county council election candidates

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Published on 11 April 2005
Archived on 6 May 2005

40 candidates will be contesting 13 wards on Warwickshire County Council in the Stratford-on-Avon District area. The election takes place on May 5. The general election will also be contested on the same day.

The list of wards and candidates follows. Existing councillors fighting their seats are italicised:

Alcester - Nina Blanche Knapman (Lib Dem); Paul Charles Martin (Cons); John Murray Ritchie (Lab)

Aston Cantlow - Richard Guy Hobbs (Cons); Karen Margaret Yarrow (Lib Dem)

Bidford-on-Avon - Frederick Peter Barnes (Lib Dem); Michael Charles Brain (Cons); Karen Tracy Varga (Green)

Feldon - Jean Wilhare Booth (Lib Dem); Robert Anthony Stevens (Cons)

Henley-in-Arden - George Atkinson (Cons); Michael Vincent Rigby (Lab); Roger Clive Sutton (Lib Dem)

Kineton - David Booth (Lib Dem); Christopher Robin Williams (Cons)

Shipston-on-Stour - Richard Cheney (lib Dem); Olivia Mary Hatch (Green); Christopher John Saint (Cons);

Southam - John Robert Appleton (Cons); James Ernest Taylor (Lab); Richard John Anthony Waller (Lib Dem)

Stour and The Vale - Rosemary Ratcliffe (Lib Dem); Isobel Elizabeth Seccombe (Cons)

Stratford Avenue & New Town - Jill Patricia Dill-Russell (Lib Dem); Nick Bryan Kemp (Green); Karen Dawn Parnell (Lab); Juliet Dorothy Short (Cons);

Stratford South (2 seats) - Ron Cockings (Lib Dem); Jennifer Elizabeth Mary Fradgley (Lib Dem); Richard Hyde (Cons); Michael Leonard Perry (Cons); Matthew Squire Stephens (Lab); Ewan Geoffrey Lonsdale Wainwright (Lab); Christopher George Wall (Green)

Studley - Michael Anthony Gerrard (Lab); Helen Margaret McCarthy (Cons); Susan Pritchard (Lib Dem)

Wellesbourne - Michael Edward Davies (Green); David William Johnston (Lib Dem); Anita Jayne MacAulay (Cons)

Polling on 5 May 125 stations around the district, with hours of polling being 7.00am to 10.00pm. Details about the counting arrangements for the county and general election results at Stratford leisure centre will be announced shortly in a separate operational note.

For further details about the county council's political standings, please call the county press office on 01926 412757.

Please visit the following page for details of the Party Agents.

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