Law changes for Blue Badge Holders

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Published on 27 September 2006
Archived on 27 October 2006

From October Stratford-on-Avon District Council parking attendants will be working with Warwickshire Police to enforce new Blue Badge legislation.

This new legislation allows authorised people to inspect your blue badge to make sure that it has not been changed in any way, that it is not stolen or that someone else is not using it.  It is important that badges are used properly so as to protect the rights of genuine badge holders.

Blue Badges are provided under a national scheme and offer parking concessions for people who have severe walking disabilities who travel as either drivers or passengers.

Here are some quick rules for people that use a Blue Badge:

  • It is your responsibility as badge holder to make sure that the badge is used properly.
  • Do NOT allow other people to use it.  Remember that the badge has been issued to the named person and nobody else.
  • Make sure that the details on the front of the badge stay legible.  If they become unreadable then the badge must be returned to the address it was issued from so that it can be re-issued.
  • Do NOT use the badge to allow non-disabled people to take advantage of the benefits whilst you sit in the car.
  • Your Blue Badge must be displayed on the dashboard or facia of the vehicle where it can be seen through the windscreen.  

"This new legislation will not only protect legitimate Blue Badge users but also reduce congestion caused by misuse," says Cllr Chris Williams, Community Services Portfolio Holder.

Any authorised person will now be able to ask to examine your badge, which you must show, failure to do so will be breaking the law and you could be fined for not showing your badge.

It will become a criminal offence in future to abuse your badge.  It won't be a small statuary fine, it will mean that the badge, in a worse case scenario, will be permanently confiscated if being used by someone else and the fine could be as much as £1000.

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