Stratford Riverside Project - The Lench Meadows Hay cut


Published on 23 March 2021
Archived on 23 April 2021

As part of the ongoing survey work to inform the design of the Stratford Riverside project, Middlemarch, the specialist environmental consultants for the scheme, have recommended that a 'hay cut' is carried out on part of the flood meadow area to create an open sward in which meadow flora can thrive.

This hay cut will take place tomorrow, on Wednesday 24 March.

It is important that the cut is carried out at this time of year, to allow the existing grassland flora to establish and help plans to restore the area to its former high standard as a *MG4 meadow.

To start this important meadow restoration, the hay cut will be carried out under the careful supervision of an ecologist to ensure no animals are harmed by the operation.

Following this work, a full management plan will be compiled to further enhance the area and prevent any further deterioration of the habitats occurring in future.

* Species-rich flood meadows are referred to as the 'MG4 meadow fox-tail - great burnet grassland' and develop where traditional hay meadow management has been undertaken. 

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