South Warwickshire Climate Champions

Climate champions

Are you one of South Warwickshire's Climate Champions?

The smallest change can make the biggest difference when it comes to climate change. We're on the lookout for South Warwickshire's Climate Champions, those residents or businesses that are doing their bit – no matter how small - to reduce their carbon footprint.

Being a climate champion doesn't mean living off-grid - going meat-free a couple of days a week, swapping the car for sustainable transport for some trips and planning a shopping list to minimise food waste are just some of the simple ways that we can reduce the impact we have on the planet. Being a champion is about being conscious of your impact and doing something about it.

Perhaps you run a local repair café, grow your own veg or have managed to go plastic-free – whatever you're doing, we'd love to hear about it and champion it, so we can encourage and motivate others to consider reducing their impact.

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Once you've shared your story with us, we'll put it on our website and promote it on our social media to inspire and encourage other people to see what small changes they can make. Together, we'll make a big impact.

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And many others who have helped reduce their carbon footprint.

Contact: The Democratic Services team

Last updated on 12/12/2023