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Dog fouling or dog mess is a nuisance, unsightly, unpleasant and can spread diseases to other animals and humans. Dog owners, and dog walkers, have a responsibility to clean up after their dog in public places. Failing to do so can result in a Fixed Penalty Notice of £100.

Cleaning up after your dog

If your dog fouls in a public place, you must clean up the mess under the Public Spaces Protection (Dog Fouling) Order 2020 . Always carry a poop scoop, which is a specially designed plastic shovel, or a bag to carry your dog's mess to a dog bin or normal on-street litter bin. If there isn't a dog mess bin, please take it home and dispose of it in your grey bin. Please note: dog mess should not be put in your green bin.

What we do

Stratford-on-Avon District Council has a duty to keep public areas clear of dog mess.

  • We provide dog fouling bins in strategic locations around the district; if you feel a dog fouling bin is needed in your area, please contact your parish council.
  • The Environmental Protection Officer will erect dog fouling signs to remind people of the penalties for not clearing up after their dog.
  • We will investigate and follow up dog fouling reports and aim to respond to all enquiries, requests for advice or investigations within 10 working days.

Penalties and fines

If you do not clean up after your dog, you could be given a £100 on-the-spot Fixed Penalty Notice. If you do not pay, you could be prosecuted and may face a court appearance with a maximum penalty of £1,000.

Registered blind dog owners are exempt from penalties.

How do I report dog fouling?

Please contact Environmental Health:

Contact: The Environmental Health team

Last updated on 17/03/2022