The following is a guide as to how CCTV footage may be obtained. Enquiries could be made as part of civil or insurance claims. You can also request footage of yourself that we may hold under the terms of a Subject Access Request

What CCTV footage can be obtained?

It may be possible to obtain copies of CCTV footage we hold of you or your property. This may form part of insurance or civil claims or indeed similar such enquiries.

If however the CCTV data is required for the detection and/or investigation of a crime then the footage will be transferred to the respective police force. In such circumstances your insurer or your solicitor will need to contact the respective police civil disclosure department directly for a copy. You can also approach the police civil disclosure department yourself.

How do I make an enquiry?

Data Protection laws prohibit you from requesting footage relating to any other person(s) besides yourself without proof of their consent and identification checks being carried out.

To make a request for CCTV footage you can complete our online form which is available using the link below.

Upon assessment of the initial enquiry form, we will send you a second form to complete. In addition to this form you must provide at least two kinds of identity document for us to check, such as a copy of your driving licence, passport, utility bill or birth certificate. We may need to contact you asking for further details to assist in the review.

There is no processing fee required for this request, aside from unique circumstances where the request is considered excessive

Requests from insurers or other agents

To make a request for CCTV footage you can complete our online form which is available using the link below.

If you are an insurer or other body requesting disclosure of CCTV data on behalf of your client you will be required to submit a formal written enquiry confirming your clients details, the grounds for which you are seeking this data and proof that your client has authorised for you to make the request on their behalf. Please note there is a processing fee of £155. We will send you a second form following assessment of the initial enquiry to provide these details

Authorities with investigative powers

Investigation authorities such as the Police, Department for Work and Pensions, Licensing and Environmental Health departments and the Environment Agency should make a direct formal enquiry to us to be processed

What to expect following the review

If footage pertaining to the request is found, it will be saved and disclosure will be assessed according to data protection regulations. Upon that decision, Stratford-on-Avon District Council may be able to disclose the footage to you.

Please note that our system holds information for 30 days only after which it is automatically deleted.

Contact: The Community Safety team

Last updated on 19/03/2024