Councillors give the go ahead for working together with Warwick District Council

Press Release

Published on 25 February 2021
Archived on 24 March 2021

Joint Stratford-on-Avon District Council and Warwick District Council Release

Stratford-on-Avon District Council and Warwick District Council have this week agreed the next steps towards closer working between both District Councils, which could see a recommendation to Government for a merger of the two councils in July 2024.

During the past year, the neighbouring councils have been working together in a number of areas, to respond to the coronavirus pandemic in the wake of substantial losses to income and budgets. This is coupled with the ambition of both councils to preserve, improve and expand the valuable services they provide for residents across south Warwickshire.

Cllr Tony Jefferson, Leader of Stratford-on-Avon District Council says: "We have made a key strategic move with the proposal to create a South Warwickshire Council together with Warwick. There is considerable synergy between the two Councils and, over time, the savings in costs will be substantial. We also believe that there will be significant additional benefits to residents from integration."

Cllr Andrew Day, Leader of Warwick District Council adds: "Working together our two councils have an opportunity to further improve our services, while strengthening our resilience and capacity to positively respond to new challenges, such as Covid recovery and the climate emergency.  Taking the tough decisions now, will enable efficiencies to be seized and resources focused on our shared capacity to provide innovative, agile and high-quality services."

Both councils will be consulting with the public, the business community and key partners on their proposals for achieving their shared goals over the next few years before any submission is made to government to formally merge, we encourage you to have your say during this process. Proposals will include reviewing the services provided, jointly commissioned contracts and investigating joint political leadership to create a stronger, unified voice for residents and businesses in south Warwickshire.

The Councils share two management roles - Head of Neighbourhood/Community & Operational Services and Head of ICT - with another 3 due to commence from 1st March.  Integration of both Senior Management Teams is expected during 2021.

Work has commenced on the production of joint local plan and both councils are procuring a shared refuse and recycling contract.

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