Bin provision for properties currently using sacks

In summer 2022, we will be making changes to the waste and recycling service.

There are a number of properties currently receiving a refuse collection using sacks and recycling collection using boxes/bags.

In summer 2022, the waste collection service provided to these properties will change.

The new service will be:

  • A separate weekly food waste collection
  • A fortnightly dry recycling collection
  • A fortnightly refuse collection
  • A fortnightly opt-in chargeable garden waste collection

If we have recently written to you, we are asking residents of these properties to consider if they have space on their property to store wheeled bins for refuse and/or recycling as this would be the best solution for storage and collection of their waste.

Wheeled bins for refuse and/or recycling would be provided free of charge and delivered in summer 2022, prior to the start of the new service.

All bins would need to be stored within the boundary of the property. Storage of bins on the public footpath/highway is not permitted.

If these properties do not have room to store wheeled bins, we will continue to collect refuse in sacks and recycling in boxes/bags.

Properties will be permitted to present two sacks of refuse per fortnight. There is no limit on the amount of recycling that can be put out for collection.

The deadline for requests is 31st January 2022. Charges will apply to any wheeled bins requested after this date.

Wheeled bin sizes:

We're able to offer two different sized wheeled bins for recycling - standard size or slightly smaller.

The refuse wheeled bin only comes in standard size.

Approximate dimensions:

  • Standard refuse bin – 1100mm (height) x 490mm (width) x 565mm (depth)
  • Standard recycling bin – 1100mm (height) x 590 (width) x 740mm (depth)
  • Smaller recycling bin – 1100mm (height) x 490mm (width) x 565mm (depth)

Apply Online

To request wheeled bins for your property please complete our online request form


  • Email:
  • Telephone: 01789 260616

Contact: the Streetscene team

Last updated on 24/11/2021