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Stratford-on-Avon District Council
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On Street Parking

Stratford District Council work in partnership with Warwickshire County Council (Highways Authority).

On-Street parking charges and time restrictions are determined by Warwickshire County Council.

August 2013

  • View changes to On-Street parking restrictions with effect from 23rd August 2013.

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Stratford District Council are responsible for the enforcement of the parking restrictions within the District with a team of Civil Enforcement Officers. Their role is to free up the traffic flow in the town centre, and watch over the residents' parking permit scheme.

Residents Parking

Please click to apply for a residents parking permit. Please download and complete the application form, returning it to our office with the relevant information and appropriate fee.

If you think that an area in which you live should be subject to a change in the Traffic Regulation Order, please contact Warwickshire County Council directly:

Traffic Projects Group
Warwickshire County Council
PO Box 43
Shire Hall
CV34 4SX

Email: trafficprojects@warwickshire.gov.uk

Bay Suspension

Any person may apply to the Council for the suspension of a parking place for the purpose of:

  • Facilitating any building operation or demolition or excavation
  • The removal of furniture from one office or dwelling house to another
  • On any occasion on which it is likely by reason of some special attraction that any street will be thronged or obstructed
  • Premises adjacent to the parking places at times of wedding and funerals

Provided always the suspension of such a parking place shall be at the Councils discretion

Cost: £60.00 per suspension, plus

£10.00 per Pay and Display bay per day

An application must be submitted allowing 72 hours notice and full payment must be received before acceptance.

For further information please contact the Parking Services Team on 01789 260691 or by email at parking@stratford-dc.gov.uk.