Pre-Covid a large number of competitive leagues and interclub fixtures involving hundreds of players took place in the area. Initially due to lockdown it all ceased.

When the rule of 6 was introduced and guidance received from our National Governing Body, Greg Woodhall (Ilmington BC) and Malcolm George teamed up to devise comprehensive rules to allow a Covid secure league, based on a ladder principal, to be established. The format was a team of three playing home & away and involved 10 clubs in the area. It was played predominantly on Tuesday & Thursday evenings (though occasionally on Wednesday & at weekends). A total of approximately 150 matches were played between June and September, involving 900 players. Each match took approximately 3.5 hrs including travel time. In the initial stages we recruited the clubs in twos, sent them the rules and they each played a game against either Ilmington or Snitterfield so they could get used to the rules and ask any questions. Following that they were free to challenge any league member. Greg and Malcolm formed a disputes committee but it was never used.

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Last updated on 01/03/2021