The King`s Coronation

Coronation Street Parties

Applications to close your street for a Coronation party must be received no later than Friday 24 March 2023. Application forms are available on this website.

Street party guidance

Your street party event must be organised for residents and neighbours only, and your application for a street party should be received at least 12 weeks prior to the date of the party.


All residents within the road, including those that are not invited or fall outside of the required road closure should be consulted via letter, allowing for a two-week period to receive responses. You will need to provide us with this feedback when making your application.

Closing your road

For a standard street party and road closure, The District Council recommends the organisers take out Public Liability Insurance to cover the event should they be held liable to pay compensation if any accident occurs or 3rd party property is damaged.

For small estate roads and cul-de-sac's, basic red and white barriers and ‘road closed' traffic signs will be adequate in most cases.

For road closures requiring diversions, you will be required to employ a qualified contractor to install and decommission the diversion(s).

Any applications for busier roads may be met with feedback and objections when the application goes out to consultation via the District Council to other agencies and third parties, including the emergency services, transport operators and the local highway authority. This should be a consideration from the outset.

Street party etiquette

Street parties are considered a small-scale, low-key celebration and should require little planning or organisation that would normally be associated with major events. We therefore request that on the highway there are no:

  • food or drink concessions
  • amusement or entertainment concessions
  • fees charged
  • BBQ's, hog roasts or any preparation of food
  • charity collections made

Out of courtesy to fellow residents that may not be in attendance, we ask that the party be completed and that the carriageway be fully open again by no later than 10pm.

Before the carriageway is reopened, we kindly request that a litter pick takes place, that the street is returned to its original condition and any road notices that have been placed on street furniture (lampposts or benches) are removed.

For more information on how your street or community can get involved, visit Link -

Contact: The Leisure team

Last updated on 08/03/2023