Zoe has been an amazing rock through all of these lockdowns. Throughout 2020, Master Rossborough has dedicated her time and commitment to keeping the CKMA club alive. This has been motivational for club members to keep active and provides some normality in these strange times. In 2020, Zoe at CKMA has completed 320 differentiated evening online karate lessons for her students. She is a complete technophobe and camera shy, so it's even more incredible she did this.

Zoe also felt it incredibly important that the younger children in the organisation had a routine to support their mental wellbeing and fitness. As a result, she also undertook online “Kids Cardio" twice a week with many children (and their mums!) taking part.

She regularly has 30+ screens to contend with, of all levels - white belt through to black. Managing to keep everyone active throughout the hour session through giving more junior grades exercises/stretching whilst higher grades did more complex training.

When restrictions allowed classes were held in fields/parks etc through summer in bubbles (which took a lot of organisation) and returned back to online lessons during lockdown 2.

As well as providing karate teaching online Zoe has formed an inclusive online group for her students in order to support each other. She has made daily phone calls and sent regular messages to stay in touch to help her students who have struggled mentally/financially throughout the pandemic. Not only providing us with a platform to be able to train every day, but also emotional support and financial support (for people who couldn't afford to keep training).

Zoe's committed to weekend-long grading sessions on two occasions to continue to motivate some progression. She is an amazing, selfless and caring human. Her commitment and dedication to enabling everyone to continue Karate training has been immense. It has kept us all going through a difficult time.

Contact: The Leisure team

Last updated on 02/03/2021