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Stratford-on-Avon District Council
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Parking System Maintenance

Our parking system is currently undergoing essential maintenance to improve the service we provide. As a result, the following services are currently unavailable via that system:

  • Payments
  • Appeals

We are working to ensure full availability is restored as soon as possible. We appreciate your patience in this matter and apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

For urgent enquiries, please call our office on 01789 267575.

Land Charges

Stratford-on-Avon District Land Charges

District Council Searches

A solicitor would usually request a search using standard forms LLC1 - search of Local Land Charges Register and CON29 - Enquiries of Local Authority. These can be purchased by forwarding one or both enquiries and the required fee to the Council.

The search of the Local Land Charges Register (LLC1) ensures that purchasers are not caught unaware by obligations enforceable against successive owners under the terms of various statutes.

The standard enquiries search (CON29) includes details of planning matters and environmental and enforcement notices and provides information supplied by the County Council on road status, road agreements, road and traffic schemes, rights of way, open access land, compulsory purchase and outstanding statutory notices. Information concerning land ownership, water and drainage, common land and village greens can also be supplied through the search process.

Requests for Environmental Information held by the Council as part of a Personal Search

A “personal search" is a request to inspect or receive copies of unrefined property-related information. Most responses to enquiries listed on the Law Society's CON29, CON29O and LLC1 form will contain environmental information, and therefore the provisions of the Environmental Information Regulations (EIR) will apply, unless you ask us to provide an enhanced service. Please click here for further details.

Where you ask us to process your request for environmental information under the provisions of the EIR, we will respond to the request within 20 working days. The information provided will be unrefined data, in the sense that it will not be enhanced or interpreted by the Council in any way. The response does not provide answers to the questions asked on the standard enquiry form. We do not provide anything in writing and the onus is on the person carrying out the search to ensure they discover all issues that affect the property.

All environmental information held on a public register or on a list kept by the Council must be provided free of charge under the EIR. The same applies to the examination of environmental information where the Council makes a place available for that purpose.

If the register or list is published on the Council's website you will be able to access it using a public terminal or, where your request is sent by email, the Council will send you a link so that you can view the register or list from your own computer. If the Council is unable to provide examination facilities for whatever reason, the information will be provided by some other method.

Public authorities may make a reasonable charge for other categories of environmental information made available under the EIR, including environmental information provided as part of a personal search. However, currently Stratford-upon-Avon District Council does not charge for this service.

Please view the Land Charges Fees documents:

Please note: In light of correspondence from HMRC, the Council is working towards a VAT implementation date of 1 April 2017. Please see the document 'Land Charges Fees 2016-2017' for the fees applicable up to and including 31 March 2017. Please see the document 'Land Charges Fees 2017-2018' for the fees that will be applicable from 1 April 2017.

We aim to return search requests within 10 working days. If you have an urgent inquiry please contact us on the number below (2 December 2016).

For details of the basis for calculation of the Land Charges search fees please view:

For further information please contact the Land Charges Team on 01789 260223, by fax on 01789 260860, or by emailing landcharges@stratford-dc.gov.uk