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Stratford-on-Avon District Council
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Parking System Maintenance

Our parking system is currently undergoing essential maintenance to improve the service we provide. As a result, the following services are currently unavailable via that system:

  • Payments
  • Appeals

We are working to ensure full availability is restored as soon as possible. We appreciate your patience in this matter and apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

For urgent enquiries, please call our office on 01789 267575.



If you wish to demolish a building or structure you must notify the Council 6 weeks before you intend work to start by completing a Notice of Demolition. Once this has been received the Council is then responsible for identifying action required and providing a formal response under Sections 81 & 82 of the Building Act 1984. The target response time is 5 working days.

Stratford District Council's Demolitions Policy is available to download.

Frequently asked questions:-

Do I have to apply for permission to demolish a building?

If you intend to demolish all, or part, of a building which exceeds 50 m3 (1750 ft3) you will have to inform the Council's Building Control department by completing a notice of demolition.

How much notice do I have to give?

The legal requirement is to give six weeks notice prior to the demolition work starting. This allows time to undertake all necessary consultations. In some cases this may not be possible in which case and you should tell us at the earliest opportunity.

What sort of precautions will I be expected to make?

We will give you, or your demolition contractor, a statutory notice detailing the necessary safety Precautions. These include:

  • shoring adjacent buildings, if necessary.
  • weather proofing any surface to the adjoining buildings, which have been exposed by the demolition.
  • removing rubbish/debris from the site and controlling the burning of material.
  • disconnecting and sealing of electricity, gas and water supplies, and drainage in and around buildings any other reasonable measures that are necessary to protect the public.

Is there anyone else that I should be informing of the proposed demolition?

The law required you to inform the occupier of any adjoining building(s) and the gas/electricity boards.

What happens if I don't notify the Council?

If you fail to inform the Council of your intention to demolish, you could be prosecuted and fined.

Are there any other laws that apply to demolition?

You may have to obtain Planning Permission to demolish if it is included on a list of buildings of special architectural or historical interest.

  • within a conservation area.
  • a house or building containing a flat, a residential home or a hotel.
  • In addition, you would need to comply with any requirements under Health and Safety legislation, including CDM Regulations.Are there any other laws that apply to demolition?

Who should I contact regarding asbestos removal?

If you encounter or are aware of asbestos on your site you should contact the Health and Safety Executive. Follow the link www.hse.gov.uk/asbestos

For further information please contact the Building Control Team on 01789 260626, by emailing buildingcontrol@stratford-dc.gov.uk or by fax on 01789 260630.