Site Allocations Plan (SAP) Videos

In addition to the main documents we have also created a number of short videos to assist in the understanding of different aspects of the plan. We will be continually adding videos to this page throughout the consultation.

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Reserve Housing Sites 1 - Intro

Reserve Housing Sites 2 - Release Mechanism

Self-build and Custom Housebuilding Sites

Video Description

The 11 specific Self and Custom Build Housing Sites referred to in the video are:

  • SCB.1: North of Allimore Lane, Alcester - for about 15 homes
  • SCB.2: East of Skylark Road, Alderminster - for about 20 homes
  • SCB.3: North of Idlicote Road, Halford - for about 15 homes
  • SCB.4: Bush Heath Lane (north), Harbury - for about 12 homes
  • SCB.5: Collingham Lane, Long Itchington - for about 21 homes
  • SCB.6: Dog Lane, Napton-on-the-Hill - for about 15 homes
  • SCB.7: West of Evesham Road, Salford Priors - for about 24 homes
  • SCB.8: Coventry Road, Southam - for about 15 homes
  • SCB.9: West of Jubilee Fields, Stockton- for about 15 homes
  • SCB.10: Millers Close, Welford-on-Avon - for about 12 homes
  • SCB.11: North of Walton Road, Wellesbourne - for about 15 homes

To see exactly where these are head to to view the Site Allocations Plan

Built Up Area Boundaries

Employment Enabling sites

Specific Site Proposals: SUA2 & SUA4

Specific Site Proposals: SUA5, SUA6, SUA7, SUA8

Specific Site Proposals: BID.1, STUD.1 & STUD.2

Specific Site Proposals: RURAL.1, RURAL.2, RURAL.3, RURAL.5

Specific Site Proposals: RURAL.4

SAP Presentation (Part 1)

SAP Presentation (Part 2)

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