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Leisure Centre Club Permits

Leisure Centre Permit for Affiliated Clubs using the Stratford Leisure and Visitor Centre facilities.

A permit for Affiliated Clubs using the Leisure Centre facilities is now available at a cost of £15.00 per annum.

Eligible clubs are entitled to apply for a permit which entitles them to park in the Leisure Centre car park whilst attending club activities. The following parameters will apply:

• The permit is only valid for a maximum period of up to 3 hours. Badminton
• The permit is only valid for one evening a week, as specified by the Club Secretary.
• The permit will only be valid for the time period stated on the permit, as specified by the Club Secretary.

All applications must be verified by the Club Secretary, should include the club and member's details and confirm the relevant details above.

Application forms are available from your Club Secretary. To find out if your club is eligible for this permit, please speak to your Club Secretary or a member of the Leisure Centre Management team.

Last updated on 31/03/2017

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