If you are a charitable, non-commercial, not for private gain organisation and would like to help to raise funds by selling raffle tickets, running a 100 club or similar equal chance lottery, you must first register as a small society lottery under the Gambling Act 2005.

For further clarification on what constitutes a society for the purposes of this act, and the financial limitations and rules for ticket printing and selling, please see the Small Society Lottery Guidance Notes .

The fee to register is £40, and an annual fee of £20 must be paid two months before the anniversary of the registration to maintain it.

Each lottery must nominate a 'promoter' who acts as the responsible person for the lottery. That promoter should sign the application form to confirm that they understand their responsibilities.

Within three months of the date of a lottery draw, a return form must be submitted by the lottery promoter. This must be signed by at least one other person who acts as an auditor. A scheme of delegation that names the promoter and auditors should be produced along with your first return, and also when there are any changes made to the delegation.

Contact: the Licensing team

Last updated on 14/09/2018