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Stratford-on-Avon District Council
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Homelessness Prevention

Mortgage Rescue Scheme

Mortgage Rescue is targeted at the most vulnerable home owners and is intended to prevent these households from becoming homeless. In order to be eligible for the Scheme, there are certain criteria which have to be met relating to the household, their vulnerability and income, along with the value and the condition of the property.

Householders who are experiencing difficulties with meeting their mortgage repayments should firstly contact their lender in order to discuss the situation with them. Lenders have a number of hardship criteria which they may be able to apply. The householders should also consult the Citizens Advice Bureau about their situation. If Mortgage Rescue is an appropriate option, a Citizens Advice Special Caseworker will be assigned. Stratford-upon-Avon Citizens Advice Bureau can be contacted on 01789 293299.

There are two types of rescue offered by the Scheme - Shared Equity, where a housing association will provide a loan to reduce the mortgage payments, and Government Mortgage to Rent, where a housing association pays off the mortgage, renting back the property to the householder.

The Mortgage Rescue Scheme is administered by the District Council's Housing Advice Team, providing free advice to anyone who is experiencing housing difficulties.

Housing options interviews are conducted by booked appointment at the Council's headquarters in Stratford town and also at the housing surgeries at the Council offices in Shipston, Alcester and Southam.

Anyone wishing to make an appointment should contact the Housing Advice Team on 01789 260861 or email housingadviceteam@stratford-dc.gov.uk

Homelessness Prevention Officer

With high house and rental prices and a significant proportion of low-income jobs, particularly in the tourist industry, being able to find your own affordable accommodation can be difficult.

Stratford-on-Avon District Council has appointed a Homelessness Prevention Officer. The aims of the role are to improve and increase the prevention measures used by the Housing Service. It is also to raise awareness amongst statutory agencies and voluntary organisations across the District and to look at wider preventative measures.

If it would be useful to your agency or organisation, we could come and run an informative, awareness-raising workshop aimed at improving signposting and outlining options available to households experiencing housing problems.

Please contact us for further details of this free service.

For further information please contact the Housing Team on 01789 260850 or by email at housingadviceteam@stratford-dc.gov.uk or by fax on 01789 260895.

For emergency out of hours regarding homelessness only please telephone 01789 267575.