Following on from your holistic assessment or advice from another organisation we are able to provide you with support on where to obtain any assistive technologies that have been recommended to you.

Although we never recommend an organisation, we can provide you with details of organisations we are aware of, have worked with in the past, or have received positive feedback about.

Our database includes organisations that can provide:

  • services (e.g. cleaners, home help)
  • aids for daily living (cutlery, perching stools etc.)
  • mobility aids (e.g. walking sticks, walking frames)
  • telecare (lifelines, fall detectors etc.)
  • power controlled equipment (e.g. bath lifts, mobility scooters)
  • GPS trackers
  • specialised mobile phones

and much more.

To find out more, please contact us on 01789 260848 or

Last updated on 10/12/2018

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