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Healthy Eating

Eating healthily can help reduce the risk of getting heart disease. It improves the way we feel and the way we look and can help protect against cancer and prevents health problems associated with obesity.

Healthy eating is a about eating the right amount for how active you are, and also eating a range of foods to make sure you have a balanced diet.

A healthy diet consists of a variety of types of food, and includes lots of fruit and vegtables, starchy foods such as wholemeal bread and wholegrain cereals; some protein-rich foods such as meat, fish, eggs and lentils; and some dairy foods.

In the UK we have high rates of heart disease and rising levels of obesity. As people cook less and less, their reliance on restaurant foods increases and it is more important than ever that low fat and low calorie choices are available. Some of these suggestions might even save you money!

Healthy Cooking Techniques

For more information please visit the EatWell website