In support of your noise complaint you may wish to use The Noise App to record the noise disturbance. This is free to download on supporting Android and IOS devices. The Noise App enables you to make an electronic log sheet by allowing you to make short recordings of the noise disturbance and to enter details which can be forwarded to the Environmental Protection Department for analysis.

In most cases, short noise recordings from The Noise App on their own will not be enough evidence for formal action, however, it can be very useful for the investigation by showing the frequency, loudness and type of noise disturbance experienced.

When submitting your recordings you will need to enter contact details so that we are able to discuss the complaint with you. Noise complaints are initially confidential, however, if the complaint leads to legal action you will be required as a witness. We will discuss any legal action with you before proceeding to this stage.

For further information on how to use The Noise App please follow our information guide .

There is also a useful user guide video on Youtube to follow.

Last updated on 05/06/2020

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