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Stratford-on-Avon District Council
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Procurement Policy

The Council's Executive approved the Interim Procurement Strategy at its meeting on 28 July 2008.

Aims of the Strategy:

To provide an interim strategic framework that will ensure the Council maximises the opportunities that can be derived from effective and innovative procurement of goods and services.
To promote an approach to procurement that will improve service delivery, realise savings and achieve benefits from working in partnership.

Adoption of this will:

  • Assist in achieving Corporate Strategy objectives;
  • Raise the profile of procurement and highlight the opportunities that effective procurement can create;
  • Promote consistency in procurement;
  • Improve efficiency through reduced costs and the achievement of value for money;
  • Ensure the delivery of high quality competitive services that meet the need of the customer;
  • Support the delivery of the Council’s e-procurement agenda;
  • Support sustainability for the communities and areas served and benefit local citizens; and
  • Provide equitable opportunities to a diverse range of suppliers including local providers.

For further information please contact our Resources department on 01789 260425, or by fax on 01789 260069, or by emailing finance@stratford-dc.gov.uk