How do we use personal data? - Coronavirus

The Council may need to share information quickly and adapt the way that it works in order to respond effectively to the coronavirus pandemic. The Council will remain committed to data protection during these exceptional times.

The Council may collect, use and share contact details and information about individuals' health as part of its response to the pandemic. This information may relate to the Council's members, its employees and members of the public.

The Council's activities may include communicating important public health information to individuals by post, email, telephone, text message and other means. The Council may receive and share health information with national and local public health authorities including the NHS, Public Health England and the public health service at Warwickshire County Council.

We will collect, use and share information only to the extent that is necessary to protect against serious threats to public health, and we will share anonymised data where practicable.

The Council will process this data as part of the tasks which it carries out in the public interest and in the exercise of its official authority, to protect individuals' vital interests and in order to comply with its legal obligations. The Council will process health data where it is in the substantial public interest in the field of public health.

For further guidance on data protection during the pandemic please refer to the information published by the Information Commissioner's Office and the European Data Protection Board.

Contact: The Data Protection team

Last updated on 24/03/2020