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Stratford-on-Avon District Council
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Waste & Recycling

Free Food Caddy

Recycling Dad

If you would like to receive a free kitchen caddy and a starter roll of compostable liners for storing food waste, please call us on 01789 260616.

Please note:

  • This offer is limited to one free caddy & roll of liners per household;
  • Caddies are available for collection from the Council office: Elizabeth House, Church Street, Stratford-upon-Avon, CV37 6HX;
  • In certain circumstances we can deliver caddies but please note, this may take up to 2-3 weeks. Please phone the Council on 01789 260616 if you would like to be considered for this option;

Refuse and Recycling Collection Service

Stratford District Council with its contractors Biffa (formally Verdant) provide a Refuse and recycling collection service to households in the district.

Blue Bin

The Council also provides:

Collection Calendar

View our Refuse and recycling collection calendar to find your collection days.

Reporting a Missed Collection

Green Bin

If your collection has been missed, please report it using our Online Missed Bin Report Form or get in contact with us (details below).

Please note, you must contact us within 2 days of a missed collection for us to be able to rectify it before your next scheduled collection. Please ensure you leave your bin at the normal collection point for rectification.

Recycling Centres

There are a number of Recycling Centres in the district which provide facilities for the recycling and disposal of a wide range of household waste materials.

Requesting a wheeled bin

If you wish to request a wheeled bin, recycling box or collect a kitchen caddy from our offices, you can Do it online or get in contact with us (details below).

Wheeled bins are provided only if appropriate, are subject to availability. Alternative receptacles may be offered.

The price for wheeled bins are up to £38, prices vary depending on if the bin is a first, replacement or additional bin, and which bin is requested. Any replacement bins will incur a one-off charge, in line with the Council's current Fees & Charges Schedule as of 1st April 2015.

  • 1st bin any colour (for new properties only) - £38 (240 litre wheeled bin) and £32 (140 litre wheeled bin)
  • Replacement for LOST or STOLEN bins - £38 (240 litre wheeled bin) and £32 (140 litre wheeled bin) If you have a crime reference number for a stolen bin, we will provide a replacement bin free of charge, one per year applies.


  • Additional 240 litre Blue bin will now be £22 and additional 140 litre Blue bins are now £18
  • For additional Grey (criteria applies*) we only supply 140 litre wheeled bins at a cost of £32
  • For additional Green, maximium of 2 allowed per propery at a cost of £38 (240 litre wheeled bin) and £32 (140 litre wheeled bin)
Grey Bin

*following a telephone audit with one of our Streetscene Officers, subject to certain criteria being met, all second grey wheeled bins will incur a one-off charge of £32 in line with the Council's current Fees & Charges Schedule. This money will not be refunded should your circumstances change and you are no longer eligible*

Our Commitment

  • To reduce waste that goes to landfill and
  • To increase the proportion of waste that is recycled or composted.

Currently, 59.1% of household waste we collect is recycled or composted (2013/14 figures). We are the 9th best Council in the country when it comes to our combined recycling / compositing rate.

Through the Warwickshire Waste Partnership, all Councils in Warwickshire have a Municipal Waste Management Strategy for managing waste in Warwickshire until 2020.

Waste Hierarchy

The 'Waste hierarchy' ranks waste disposal and treatment options in order of environmental impact:

Reduce - Waste reduction means decreasing the amount of waste that we produce. This is the most sustainable option with the lowest environmental impact.

Reuse - Waste reuse means using something again, either for its original purpose or for a similar purpose. If you have an unwanted item, someone else may be able to reuse it.

Recycle - Recycling means processing used materials into new products thereby reducing the demand for raw materials.

Recover Energy - Energy from Waste facilities use waste treatment technologies to turn non-recyclable waste into a source of renewable energy.

Landfill - Landfilling means putting waste back into the ground. It results in the loss of valuable resources and is the most costly waste management option, financially and environmentally.

Reporting a problem, concern or issue

Report it Online

Contact us

If you would like more information or wish to speak to a member of the Council's Streetscene team, please contact us:

Telephone: 01789 260616

Fax on 01789 260607, or

Email streetscene@stratford-dc.gov.uk