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Stratford-on-Avon District Council
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Community Safety

Safer South Warwickshire

Further information is available on anti social behaviour, environmental crime, CCTV, graffiti, fly tipping, dog fouling and littering.

Jobs are available within the Community Safety Team:

The Council's duty and vision

The Council has a duty to:

  • work in partnership with the Police, County Council, Fire & Rescue, Probation and Health to develop and implement strategies to tackle crime and disorder and the misuse of drugs in the district; and
  • ensure that it does not contribute to increased crime and anti-social behaviour through the delivery of its services.

The Council's Community Safety Team helps to coordinate this work to tackle crime and disorder in the District by:-

  • utilising all the powers available to us to make communities feel safer (such as licensing, CCTV and parking enforcement);
  • consulting and involving the community in identifying crime and disorder problems and solutions;
  • co-ordinating actions to address the concerns of local people;
  • ensuring that the concerns of Community Forums inform the picture of crime and disorder in the district, South Warwickshire & Warwickshire
  • Supporting Warwickshire Police lead on tackling serious violent crime and serious acquisitive crime;
  • working with Warwick District Council to jointly lead on tackling anti-social behaviour and criminal damage;
  • working together with Warwick District Council to drive and administer Safer South Warwickshire - Community Safety Partnership;
  • challenging the responsible authorities and cooperative bodies to do all they can to reduce crime and disorder and the fear of crime.

Contact the Community Safety Team

The Community Safety Team can be contacted by emailing us at community.safety@stratford-dc.gov.uk or telephoning us on 01789 260619.

Community Safety Performance Monitoring Report

Stratford District year end comparison of 2014/15 with the year end results ascertained from 2015/16.

Performance Results 2015/16

Source: Warwickshire Police

Agreed South Warwickshire Community Safety Partnership Priorities 2013/14

Violent Crime

  • With a focus on alcohol/drug related violence, tackling town centre violence in both Leamington and Stratford
  • With a focus on offender management and early intervention in relation to young people, with the 16 to 25 year old age group being the key offending group in both districts.
  • With a focus on domestic violence across Stratford and Warwick districts.

Anti-Social Behaviour

  • With a focus on alcohol related anti-social behaviour, concentrating efforts in Leamington and Stratford town centres.
  • To support the early intervention of Anti-Social Behaviour victims through a victim centred approach towards anti-social behaviour.

Reducing Re-offending

  • With a focus on preventing and reducing re-offending and prioritising the offenders of domestic burglary and violent crime.

Individuals, parents, householders, vehicle owners and business owners to take greater responsibility. The Community Safety Partnership will work with the voluntary sector and Neighbourhood Watch to reduce the opportunity for crime and disorder.

Warwickshire Police & Safer Neighbourhoods

Warwickshire Police introduced local policing teams across Warwickshire in 2006. There are six Safer Neighbourhood Areas in Stratford district based on district council wards:

Warwickshire Police and West Mercia Police - Safe Online Shopping

Warwickshire and West Mercia Police will be issuing messages about safe online shopping in the run up to Christmas.

A public release overviewing the issue will be posted on each of their respective websites:



Please visit each of the forces respective Twitter and Facebook accounts for more advice on how to stay cyber safe this Christmas! #becybersmart. Follow the links below for more information and access to the Social Media accounts:


Warwickshire Police Twitter Page: https://twitter.com/warkspolice

Warwickshire Police Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/warwickshirepolice

West Mercia Police Twitter Page: https://twitter.com/wmerciapolice

West Mercia Poice Facebook Page:https://www.facebook.com/westmerciapolice

Safe in Warwickshire

Safe in Warwickshire is brought to you by the multi-agency Safer Warwickshire Partnership Board. The agencies involved include Warwickshire County Council, Warwickshire Fire and Rescue Service, Warwickshire Probation, North Warwickshire Borough Council, Nuneaton & Bedworth Borough Council, Rugby Borough Council, Stratford District Council, Warwick District Council, health partners and voluntary sector organisations.

Our aim is to reduce crime and disorder, and promote safety in Warwickshire by providing support, advice and leadership to our partners and communities. We are committed to working together to reduce crime and maintain quality of life for people who live, work and visit Warwickshire.

To access our website, please click the following link:


Stay Safe: Firearms and Weapons Attack - National Launch of the "Stay Safe" video

National Counter Terrorism Policing have released an informational film that provides advice on the steps to take to keep safe in the event of a firearms or weapons attack.

This video is located here: http://www.npcc.police.uk/NPCCBusinessAreas/WeaponAttacksStaySafe.aspx

Recent events around the world remind us all of the terrorist threat that we face, In the UK, this threat is considered as ‘SEVERE', meaning that an attack is highly likely. Police and security agencies are working tirelessly to protect the public but it is also important that communities remain vigilant and aware of how to protect themselves if the need arises.

The four minute film, Stay Safe: Firearms and Weapons Attack,sets out three key steps for keeping safe. The film is accompanied by an online information leaflet.

The film and leaflet advise that if you are caught up in an incident, to ‘run, hide and tell' - guidance which can be applied to many places and situations.