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Stratford-on-Avon District Council
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Community Forums

There are 6 Community Forums covering the whole of Stratford District. A map of the Forum areas can be found by clicking the link below. These forums will play an important role in ensuring that services provided in your area match the needs of your local community.

A Community Forum gives you the opportunity to discuss local issues with your County, District and Parish Councillors and representatives from other agencies such as the Health Service and the Police. We would like you to come along to these meetings and have your say about things that affect and concern you.

Safer Neighbourhoods

Warwickshire Police promote 'Safer Neighbourhoods' through the Community Forums. Additionally the Safer Neighbourhood Teams hold a surgery prior to the Forum. Please note that the start times can vary so please refer to the individual Forum details on the link below.

Who is involved?

Stratford-on-Avon District Council, Warwickshire County Council, Town Councils, Police and Health Service (NHS Warwickshire) want to involve local people in the services delivered and help people influence the services they receive.

How will it help and benefit me?

By attending your local forum meeting:

Representatives from the Police, the PCT and your local councils can tell you about services provided or planned in your area;

  • You can raise issues of concern to you and the community generally;
  • You will be able to obtain answers to queries about local services - such as policing levels, services available for young people, access to health care etc;
  • You can join your local County, District and Parish Councillors in a discussion about how services could be improved.

In this way, you can help influence and shape the services provided for in your community.

What about the bigger picture?

You can also use the Forum to find out what is being done to tackle the bigger issues affecting your local community, including speeding, crime & anti-social behaviour, congestion, housing and planning policies and the availability of community facilities and leisure activities.

What won't it do?

A forum is not able to go into detail about individual cases or personal issues - such as planning applications, case work or care and services received.

How will it work?

The forums meet four times per year at various locations within your local area, usually on a week day evening. For more dates and times of Community Forums please click on the link below.

Who else may be involved?

You tell us... The County Council, District Councils, Police and PCT are committed to supporting the forums, but if an issue in your community requires the involvement of a different organisation, we will try to contact them in advance so that they can come along and help answer your queries.

What do I need to do to get involved?

Just turn up on the evening – with neighbours, friends and family if you want. If you have any requirements, please get in touch before the meeting, so that we can make suitable arrangements.
You don't have to let us know in advance if you want to raise something at the forum meeting, but our chances of providing a satisfactory answer will increase if you do. Knowing the issues you want to raise will also help us decide which topics we should discuss in more detail.

If you want to view the Locality Profile for your area please see;

Community Forum Page - Warwickshire County Council
Community Forum Map

For further information please contact please contact Warwickshire County Council's Stratford Area Team on 01789 260133.